Woman sexually assaulted in broad daylight at Frazier Park

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A 25-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in broad daylight in Frazier Park Sunday afternoon. Now, CMPD is asking for help finding the guy who did it.

“You would think that usually just going for a walk, you’d be safe,” said parkgoer Nick Souter. “Especially during the day.”

CMPD says the woman was going for a walk when the man held her at gunpoint, robbed her and sexually assaulted her after forcing her to walk to a nearby street.

“This is extremely rare,” said CMPD sexual assault unit sergeant, Alli Rooks. “Obviously, one sexual assault is too many, but in this particular case, this is broad daylight on a Sunday in a public park.”

Police say the sexual assault happened around five in the afternoon on Sunday.

“You think you’d be safe that time of day,” said Sarah Roon. I’m scared now!” she said. “Maybe I’ll come to a different park or wear pepper spray or not come here alone.”

According to investigators, the victim was either new to town or was visiting Charlotte.

“It breaks my heart for her,” Souter said.

“So, when are you really safe?” questioned one parkgoer. “That’s the question. When are you really safe?”

Police tell FOX 46 the man was 40-50 years old, was thin, roughly 5’7” and has black hair and a black beard. Until they catch him, some can’t help but think of what the suspect is doing tonight.

“Who knows how many more [victims] if he’s not caught” said Souter.

CMPD tells FOX 46 they’re currently trying to track down all surveillance footage from the area to see if the suspect was caught on camera.

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