Would You Stop? Survey says more than half of NC wouldn’t help stranded driver

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – We’ve all been there, or at the very least we know someone who has been there. You’re stuck on the side of the road with car trouble. Car trouble can range from a flat tire, to engine trouble, or even a slide off in the winter months.

Technology such as smart phones and road side assistance have made being “stranded” almost a thing of the past, but how willing are drivers to pull over and check on a stranded motorist?

A new survey says that 54% of North Carolina drivers would not stop for a stranded motorist. The survey found that location and safety were among the two biggest factors as to why people would not pull over to help.

FOX 46 took the results of the survey to Uptown Charlotte to see if drivers in the Queen City agree with the findings.

“It’s an act of kindness really that one person can do to another, even if it’s just a smile to somebody. You can just smile at someone and say hey how are you I like your hair, I like your shoes. That’s just an act of kindness,” said Tony Richardson.

Female drivers were more unlikely to help a stranded driver, especially if they were alone.

“Not by myself! It’s too dangerous. I don’t wanna get taken or they take my car,” said one woman.

The survey had a fairly small sample size of 2,500 drivers, but stats were calculated for all 50 states. The survey was conducted by a group of car dealerships in the south as a way to show drivers the importance of keeping up with regular maintenance on vehicles.

There is some good news, the survey found that overall more than 80% of drivers have emergency supplies in their vehicles, especially for long trips.

So now we pose the question to you, would you help a stranded driver? You can view the results of the survey for all 50 states by clicking here.

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