COLLETON COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – Dr. Vallerie Cave resigned from her role as Colleton County School District’s superintendent Thursday after her employment future with the district was discussed by the school board numerous times over the past several months. Now, neighbors are sharing their reactions to this latest news.

Hiram Davis made sure he was in attendance at every Colleton County School Board meeting where Dr. Cave’s employment future with the district was discussed.

“I’ve lost count,” Davis said. “At first, I was keeping up with it, but I haven’t went back to look to see what the count was.”

Davis says those meetings would sometimes last for several hours, and they really took a toll on Colleton County community members.

“I think like one of the meetings lasted like five and a half hours and the people were burnt,” he said. “They were tired. When this first started, you couldn’t get a seat in the boardroom. By last night, it was so many seats it was funny. It was a burnout.”

He says the last few months were entirely unfair for Dr. Cave.

“She was treated horribly,” Davis said.

But he commends the former superintendent for how she responded to the situation.

“Because of her grace and her professionalism,” Davis said, “and her love and care for her students and staff and faculty, she walked in grace. And every day, she did not stop doing her job.”

Davis says because this dilemma was so taxing for both the community and Dr. Cave, he’s glad it has come to an end. Now, he wants to know where does the school district go from here?

“Who is going to be mature enough?” he said. “Who is going to be professional enough, and ethical enough, to now try to bridge this gap that this school board has torn apart?”

News 2 reached out to each Colleton County School Board member Friday. Two school board members answered and said they weren’t able to comment, but they said an official release should be sent out sometime soon.