New bill said to restrict minors from using tanning beds


MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCBD) – A new bill is being considered by the South Carolina State Senate that would prohibit tanning bed use for minors.

According to dermatologists., skin cancer is the most common type of cancer.

Doctors usually see it in middle age folks, but it’s also been seen in people ages fifteen to 29.

Dermatologists say Melanoma is the second most common skin cancer and it’s also the fastest rising skin cancer in young people.

Many professions believe the link to it is tanning beds.

Right now, the law states that if you’re under aged, you can still tan as long as you have parental consent.

But this new law crosses out that loophole.

“This bill would help make the youth of our state safer by preventing under 18 individuals from accessing a tanning bed for any reason with or without parental permission they just wouldn’t be allowed,” says Todd Schlesinger, MD, FAAD.

The bill to prohibit indoor tanning in teens is currently pending in the South Carolina Senate.

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