New information about the arrest of a school board member


We learned new information on Friday about what led to the arrest of a Charleston County School Board member on Thursday.

Kevin Hollinshead turned himself in Thursday July 27 after learning he had warrants out for his arrest. He is charged with writing two bad checks. Hollinshead said he was visiting the Sheriff’s Office and when he signed in was told about the warrants. He said he did not know about the warrants until that moment.

Friday we talked to the business owner who says, he was never paid.

Frank Marvin is 81 years old. He has owned Marvin’s Meats for almost 60 years. He showed News 2 the paperwork that he says shows he tried to call Hollinshead 4 separate times. Marvin says he remembers Hollinshead coming in and ordering BBQ for a party.

“He came in the door and said that he was running for Charleston County School Board,” describes Marvin. “I said that’s fine, well good luck to ya!”

Marvin says he took $60 off Kevin Hollinshead’s $300 BBQ order and told him to put the money towards his campaign in September of 2016.

“He gave me a check. The check came back. It bounced and I got proof here that we tried to get him on the phone. He never would return my calls,” says Marvin as he points to a sheet of paper showing 4 dates that he says he left messages.

On Friday, Hollinshead told News 2 he does not check his school board number and never got a message on his personal phone.

After about a month, Marvin’s Meats turned the issue over to the Worthless Checks Unit with the Solicitor’s Office. The Solicitor’s Office says they mail their correspondence; however, Hollinshead assures News 2 that he never got anything about either of the bounced checks in the mail.

Marvin is frustrated that the process has taken this long.

“I think they’re lenient on him because they’ve been trying to run him down, but what got me was when you try to run down somebody like this and he is on the Charleston County School Board and they go to the meeting, why couldn’t they go into a meeting and handcuff him and take him away from the meeting,” says Marvin.

The second bad check Hollinshead is charged with writing is to Pro-Tech Appliances for $95. We called Pro-Tech and the woman who answered said their system does not show they tried to reach Hollinshead. The employee says typically, their records show notes if they have tried to call someone about a bad check.

Frank Marvin says, it is not about the money. It is about the principal.

“Do we need people like this on the Charleston County School board?” asks Marvin. “I wouldn’t want him making decisions for my grandchildren for the school board. If he does this, what else will he do?”

Fellow school board member Chris Collins tells News 2, we need more people like Kevin Hollinshead on the school board. Collins says Hollinshead is a parent himself so he can empathize with the financial needs of Charleston County families. Collins says, “I believe him. If he knew about it. He would have paid it.”

Hollinshead tells us he plans to pay all the fines on Monday morning and get the charges dropped.

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