Nick Price has run all over Lowcountry soccer fields for nearly a decade.  But his soccer career came to a halt this summer when the 16-year-old traveled to Arizona with his family and underwent two brain surgeries to remove a tumor.

“Nick was diagnosed January 29th and on the 30th, he told us ‘I am going to beat this, then I am going to help other people,” says Nick’s father, Russell Price.

Nick is now tumor-free and the rising sophomore at Academic Magnet held true to his word. Less than three weeks after his 2nd surgery, Nick returned to the pitch, practicing with his club soccer team.

“I got Nick as an example [for other players]. You think you got it tough? Look at what Nick’s gone through and he’s bounced back,” says his club coach, Shilo Tisdale.

Nick’s courage has been outstanding ever since the diagnosis. “I kind of guessed I would be out here as quick as possible,” says Nick. “Maybe it’s a little earlier than I expected but I’m not too shocked about it.”

Although the rehab process was shorter than anticipated, the recovery was grueling.  After nearly two weeks, the Price family returned home and just a week later, he was back at practice.  He still suffers some of the effects of surgery, including double-vision and facial paralysis, but he’s expected to recover fully. Nick’s Mom, Marie, told News 2 his condition improved dramatically every day.

“It’s hard to see the field right now but everyday it gets better and better and that is all I can hope for.”