NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- Macedonia Church in North Charleston is donating food to the less fortunate this week ahead of the Thanksgiving holiday.

“Being a helping hand is a blessing and it’s awesome,” said Rodney Tucker, a volunteer.

Canned goods, produce and meat were all given to people who drove up in their cars.

“We’re happy to distribute food every time we do it on Thursdays, but this time it’s a warm feeling that people are coming in and we’re giving them the food knowing that we’re a part of helping them share something as little as it may be,” said Floretta Heyward.

The group is mostly made up of the Tucker family and their relatives.

“I’m more of the character of the family. I try to break the ice,” said Tucker.

“I’m receiving food for the less fortunate in my area like my neighbors and anybody else that needs the help,” said Hattie Greene.

The need for these events is continuing to rise according to the volunteers.

“Everyone is a paycheck away from being homeless and we just want to make sure that we can give to as many people as needed,” said Heyward.