NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – North Charleston city leaders and the community say they are concerned about a rise in gun violence and what steps are being taken moving forward.

The community had the chance to meet face to face with the city council during Thursday night’s meeting to voice their concerns on gun violence. Some community members say they want city leaders to help fund and support grassroots organizations.

“We all have to come together and make this happen,” says Donnimechia Singleton, Director of “Guns Down Chucktown.”

After recent shootings like one that took place in the parking lot of Pepperhill Park near a youth baseball game, city leaders say they are moving forward with new safety measures like adding nearly 750 cameras.

“It identifies stolen cars. There’s so much we have with this new system coming,” says Jerome Hayward, a North Charleston City Council Member.

“It’s going to allow us to leverage technology to solve crimes. We will be able to integrate new cameras whether it is a business or a house,” says Mike A. Brown, a North Charleston City Council Member.

Grassroots organizations in the Lowcountry say another way to help alleviate the crime is investing in their organizations, like ones that help create safe places for children.

“You have grassroots organizations that’s fighting day and night against this, but a lot of us who are doing the real work aren’t getting any help from our city,” says Singleton.

Councilman Brown says it is going to be a collaborative effort between the council, law enforcement and the community to find ways to make North Charleston safer.

“Grassroots organizations can reach people that maybe Council Member Hayward and I can’t, but maybe law enforcement has that reach. It is going to take that collaborative effort,” says Brown.

The Charleston Police Department is looking to add new cameras across the City of Charleston. They currently have 89 cameras.