NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – North Charleston’s Mayor Keith Summey says students and schools in North Charleston have been left behind by the Charleston County School District. Mayor Summey who says a lack of communication between the Charleston County School District and the North Charleston community is threatening to pull schools out of the district if things don’t change.

Mayor Summey believes students and the city’s schools have been left behind and says there has been little to no communication from the district or input on how to improve education across the city.

“I’ve been concerned for a while about North Charleston schools,” says Mayor Summey.

Mayor Summey and state leaders say the Charleston County School District has dropped the ball on preparing North Charleston students by not providing necessary investments.

“North Charleston schools have not necessarily got the best end of the stick as it relates to equity and education,” says State Representative Marvin Pendarvis.

Representative Pendarvis is hopeful CCSD leaders will develop a plan to invest in North Charleston schools.
If the school district can’t do that, he’s proposed a bill that would remove North Charleston schools from the district altogether.

“I want to see educational outcomes in North Charleston schools,” says Representative Pendarvis.

Mayor Summey says North Charleston continues to grow economically by adding industry, making it important to improve the city’s education.

“We’ve got to make sure that our young people are receiving the best environment to learn that they can get,” says Mayor Summey.

The two sides plan to meet, Mayor Summey believes one of the biggest issues has been lack of communication between the two, he’s hoping this conversation will close the gap.

“They put enough food in the bowl to keep us from going hungry but it’s not the same type of dog food,” says Mayor Summey.

Mayor Summey says he plans to meet with CCSD leaders later in February.