CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – We’re hearing from North Charleston’s mayor on the decision to make all city employees get vaccinated. North Charleston has become one of the first cities in the Lowcountry to require vaccinations for all employees.

Protecting the people even if it means losing some privacy.

“You know we don’t require that information normally but if they have had the vaccination, they will have their little ID card that says they do,” said Mayor Summey.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey says there are two choices for employees to roll up their sleeves or show those vaccination cards. He knows some might walk away.

“There are some employees that are upset and we knew there would be. They are going to just have to make a choice for what they want to do,” said Mayor Summey.

Summey says he doesn’t expect North Charleston to be alone in their mandate.

“I’m sure we will lose some employees over this because there are other agencies that won’t be so they will transfer over and I appreciate that and they have the right to do that,” said Mayor Summey.

Now says there can be exceptions for medical or religious reasons but employees will have to apply for those soon.

“If there’s not a medical reason or any other reason they can’t, then they will not be allowed to work,” said Mayor Summey.

Mayor Summey says the deadline to be vaccinated without penalty is November 5th.