NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Park Circle was transformed into a winter wonderland this evening for the annual Christmas Festival and Parade.

“This was like a way bigger event than I thought it was going to be,” festival attendee Tiffani Adams said. “There’s a lot of different activities for the kids to do. It seems like a very family-centric event.”

Family-centric is was, as there was something to do, and eat, for everyone.

“The food trucks were amazing,” first-time festival-goer Camille Toliver said. “There was one that had funnel cakes, and that’s like my guilty pleasure. And then, there’s another one; it has waffles and they do different things with it. So, I was really excited to see them because I hadn’t seen them since the Food Truck Festival earlier in the year.”

One thing that captivated many festival-goers were the vibrant Christmas lights.

“I liked all the light displays,” Adams said. “I think they’re just getting bigger. It’s been a while since I’ve been to Park Circle for the holidays so, just coming back seeing how they’ve been decorating the place, it looks amazing.”

Many attendees say this was a great, festive event after such a challenging year. “I think it’s nice to see a sense of community,” Toliver said. “I think everybody kind of enjoys the holidays so people are in good spirits. It’s just a nice refreshing moment to just kind of sit back and realize that the world is still kind.”