A young woman was left paralyzed after being hit by a car last year. Now her family is working to make her home more accessible. The accident happened in April 2016 in North Charleston. Three people including Brooke Campbell were hit while walking down Dorchester Road. The driver was pulling into the right hand lane when she realized cars in front of her had stopped, that’s when she swerved off the road and hit the three teenagers. The incident put Campbell in the intensive care unit and she was ultimately paralyzed from the chest down.

Brooke’s mother, Connie Campbell, says, ” I thought she had died. And they said no, she’s still alive”.

Brooke Campbell was walking on the sidewalk to Walmart with a couple of friends when a car swerved into them.

Connie Campbell says, “She was hit at 57 miles per hour and flew through the air.”

Brooke’s back, neck, and ribs were broken.  She had a concussion, and was paralyzed.

She says, “It’s definitely uncomfortable because I was used to have a very private life, and now I have to have these people come in and invade my privacy.”

There’s still many things Brooke relied on her mother or a nurse to do. One challenge is taking a shower because their current bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

Brooke says, “I do bed baths, but it’s just not the same.”

Her chair also doesn’t fit down many of the hallways.

She says, “I’m always catching on the walls, and I’ve put holes in the walls.”

So her family wants to turn their garage into a handicapped accessible apartment, so Brooke can regain some independence.

Her mother says, “It’s about $189,000 and I know that sounds very high, but I’m trying to do it by very specific ADA things and it’s very expensive.”

They have already spent what they can afford on medical bills, so the family is asking the community to help.

Campbell says, “When she has this room she will be able to shower, and be independent, and have her own room, and she won’t be knocking walls out. It will be a lot easier for her to get around.”

If you want to contribute to the family’s GoFundMe page, click here.