Parents concerned about cold school buses


With temperatures dropping below freezing, News 2 viewers reached out concerned about how could it gets on the school buses during the winter.

Parents are bundling up their kids a little bit extra for the morning bus ride saying the school buses have little to no heat.

One parent, Jennifer Wright, says,”Absolutely, yes. We layer it on and he can take it off as needed at school.”

These parents say it’s not only about comfort, but health too.

Wright says, “God knows we’re all dealing with cold and flu and everything else and it can’t help.”

News 2 reached out to the state Department of Education to find out why kids are cold on the school buses. The DOE Spokesman, Dino Teppara, says all of the buses do have heating, but every time the door opens, some of that heat is lost. Plus, some of the older buses only have heat at the front. In a statement Teppara says, “Bus drivers do their best to ensure buses are warm during the cold winter days. Newer buses have better heating systems and we’re working with the General Assembly to replace as many older buses as we can to make school rides as comfortable as possible.”

This time of year, the buses themselves start to freeze too, which means kids stand out in the cold longer as buses show up late or sometimes not at all.

One parent, Danna Wolf, says, “There was a 45 minute window of whether they would be there or not and so today was actually better than expected.”

Wright says, “I have the luxury of being able to take my kid to school if for some reason the bus doesn’t come. For working parents or single parents, I imagine that would be a nightmare.”

The state says the answer is better funding so they can buy newer school buses with better heating.

The parents also told News 2 that not only is the cold weather an issue, but when those Lowcountry summers hit, sometimes the lack of air conditioning on the school buses is so unbearable their kids ask to be driven to school.

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