People wait for hours for sandbags in Georgetown


Georgetown experienced some serious flooding last October when the Black River overflowed. Today, evacuations began in Georgetown preparing for the arrival of Hurricane Matthew.

Sand is like gold in Georgetown on Thursday. They are running out of sandbags so quickly that people are waiting in line for hours for the next shipment to arrive.

Clyde Bibb lives in Georgetown and says, “Say if you don’t get them, and then you have a water problem, and your place gets flooded then you’ll say “I should’ve spent the hour and a half to two hours’.”

Some people in Georgetown waited more than 2 1/2 hours for sandbags because the county ran out on Wednesday, giving out 1,000 bags in only 90 minutes.

Gary Right live in Georgetown and says, “I have a front door that got water in it last year in Wedgefield and I’m kind of worried about it so I’m going to put about 15 sandbags in front of it to keep the water out.”

Georgetown is asking people to evacuate.

Jackie Broach, Georgetown County Spokeswoman, says, “We see hurricane threats so frequently that a lot of people kind of get complacent and start to take it for granted. People need to understand that there is a lot of thought that goes into it when an evacuation is issued, we don’t do it on a whim.”

But many people in Georgetown are choosing to stay put, saying if they made it through other disasters, why leave now?

Margaret Elliott lives in Georgetown and says, “We just never have. We don’t usually have a problem.”

Bibb says, “We stayed during the flood, so we didn’t get hurt during the flood, so…”

Right says, “It’s 50/50, if like Friday morning, it’s going to really be a bad one I’ll go ahead and get out but as of right now I’m going to stick it out.”

But the county asks people to consider the repercussions.

Broach says, “Some businesses will be shutting down, you may not have access to fuel, to pharmacies, things like that. Also emergency medical services get cut off at some point.”

Georgetown did officially start evacuating Thursday for Zone A. Those are the areas that are mostly along the coast and other bodies of water in the area.

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