Perfectly Franks has been a Summerville staple for nine years, but now after having to pay for multiple building repair costs, Perfectly Franks is struggling to pay the rent.

Perfectly Franks’ Owner, Perry Cuda, says he wouldn’t dream of selling the famous hot dogs anywhere but Summerville.

He says, “I grew up here, I love it here, my kids have grown up here, and I like the people that come in here, and I like what I do.”

But some building problems are threatening to push the restaurant out of it’s home in the heart of downtown Summerville

Cuda says, “From roof leaks, to flooding, it’s happened many times. And after when Matthew hit, it was sort of the final straw because we missed four days of business, lost a lot of money and fell behind on the rent.”

In a video taken after Hurricane Matthew, you can see water pouring out of the ceiling, and Cuda says that’s just a portion of the damage. Even though Perfectly Franks is in a rented space and the landlord is supposed to pay for the roof, exterior walls and foundation, that’s not happening.

Cuda says, “Their response has been I should take care of it and I shouldn’t bring these things to them and I just don’t understand. And when I do, we have had a situation where I had a letter sent to them from my attorney and their attorney sent a letter back that basically said, well we’ll have to go to court to work this out. I don’t have the money for that.”

News 2 reached out to the landlord for their side of the story, but all they would say is “no comment”. Cuda says all he wants is for the landlord to be involved in the conversation, but he’s only hitting dead ends.

He says, “This is where I want Perfectly Franks to be 20 years from now, God willing, but it just doesn’t feel like there’s a connection between us, and I’m hoping that is where this is going to go, where we can work together and work this out.”

Because putting up the closed sign just isn’t an option.

Cuda says, “It’s really difficult. That’s all I think about now and I’m trying not to.”

The community has reached out to News 2 with overwhelming support for the business and a manager from Perfectly Franks even started a Go Fund Me page to help off set the cost of the repairs.