BERKELEY COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – News 2 is continuing to follow developing news on the school lockdowns that took place at Philip Simmons Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

Two juveniles were arrested for alleged possession of firearms.

Bailey Smoak, who is a seventh grader at Philip Simmons Middle School, shared her story of what she experienced when the schools first went on lockdown Friday afternoon.

“I was standing there,” Smoak said, “and I remember thinking to myself, ‘I really hope I make it out of here. I really hope I do.’”

Philip Simmons students were fearing for their lives after all three schools were placed on lockdown Friday afternoon.

“Usually, we leave at like 2:40 p.m.,” Smoak said. “It was like 2:50 and me and my friend, we were like, ‘Well, we were already supposed to leave.’ And then, we were sitting there, and then all of a sudden, my science teacher, she was like, ‘Y’all come on, we got to get in the closet. Come on.’ She shut off the lights, and then we all got into the closet.”

Smoak says it was more than 20 students crammed in that classroom closet.

“It was like really hot,” she said. “I remember that. Like, a bunch of people were kind of scared, one girl was hyperventilating. A couple of my friends beside me they were crying and stuff, and they were all texting their moms.”

Smoak also texted her mom during the hour they were in the closet.

“I was texting her stuff briefly like, ‘Mom, I’m in the room, I’m safe. We’re very crammed in here,’” she said, “and stuff like that. And then she was telling me like, ‘It’s okay, stay safe.’ She loved me.”

The Philip Simmons seventh grader is still in disbelief over the events that transpired early Friday afternoon.

“It’s crazy to think like why people would bring guns to school and stuff like that,” Smoak said, “because this is the high school, and it’s crazy.”

Law enforcement officials say both suspects have been taken into custody and the investigation is still ongoing.