MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD)- Dirty hallways, smelly staircases and overflowing trash dumpsters are some of the issues that a family at The Boulevard apartments in Mount Pleasant are complaining about.

The family moved into their unit in February and noticed the issues shortly after.

“I just makes me feel very upset,” said Isla Clair, who lives at the complex. “We are paying a higher amount of rent to live here.”

Stains, urine, trash, vomit, dead bugs, and standing water can be found in the hallways according to Clair. Her family has gotten sick frequently since moving in.

“It made us sick just smelling it. It gave us headaches. It made my mother very nauseated,” said Clair. “It is constantly trashed around here. There’s a lack of maintenance that cleans up.”

Outside of the buildings, the trash dumpsters are overflowing.

“I do not see a trash truck very often here,” said Clair.

There is also a lack of security. According to Clair some of the exterior doors are not locked.

“Anyone can come in from the street, open the door and access our apartment building,” said Clair.

On the sidewalks along Coleman Boulevard there is more trash that poses a safety risk.

“There’s broken glass on the sidewalks where we walk our dogs,” said Clair. “I’ve even seen small children around here which concerns me as well with the glass on the ground.”

Clair and her parents are reaching a boiling point and say that The Boulevard’s management has been ignoring their service requests.

“They seem to blow us off. They seem to sweep it under the rug whenever we complain. When we let them know of an issue they say that they’re going to take care of it then they don’t,” said Clair.

Other livability issues are present at the complex. When the Clairs moved in, many of their appliances malfunctioned and the family has not had cold running water in their unit.

If the complex’s management does not power wash the halls and clean up the trash then the Clairs will find another place to live.

“I want them to look into the issues here or we are going to look into cutting our lease,” said Clair.

The Boulevard responded to News 2 with this statement.

“We address resident issues as soon as we are made aware and work diligently to remedy any concerns. Our team was notified by our trash valet service that the compactor malfunctioned overnight on Sunday. Immediately upon reporting to the property, our team cleaned up garbage that was unable to be disposed of properly.”