Personalized learning helps students take ownership of their learning at Pinehurst Elementary. Parents are thankful for extra support the school offers.  We’re in Charleston county for our Cool School of the week.    

Pinehurst Elementary is a diverse school with a large hispanic student population.   Pinehurst has a full time translator and parent advocate.   Manuela Fernandez has two students here.  She says the technology the school offers prepares her children for the future.  School translator Sylvia Osborne says, “She says they get really excited about working on tablet, and that they’re most excited that they’re in charge of what they’re learning.  So they go from center to center, but they plan what they’re learning throughout the day.”

Pinehurst started full implementation of personalized  this year.  Principal Dianne Benton says, “We are implementing two federally funded grants.  We are the only school in South Carolina to have two grants this size at the same time.  One of them is the Bridge Teacher Incentive Fund, and the other is Race to the Top for personalized learning.”   Teacher Kate O’Leary says “It has really help our kids take ownership of their learning, increased motivation, which has been a huge driving force.  They have ownership.  They work together.  They’re really building skills for the 21st century to get them prepared for college and work later on.   Third grade student TyReeq Wilson says, “This school is actually the best school I’ve ever went to.”

Pinehurst was a top three finalist for our Cool School Star Award at the district’s annual gala.  The school offers programs and events that honor it’s unique cultures.  They also have parent workshops, which include computer literacy, application resume completion, and college planning.

Coming up Friday on News 2 Today, we’ll present Pinehurst with our Cool School award.

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