Police investigating shooting outside a residence in Summerville


SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD) – Authorities are investigating a shooting that happened Tuesday evening in Summerville.

According to an incident report from the Summerville Police Department, officers were dispatched to a residence on South Main Street after a female called in saying she heard a noise that sounded like someone was breaking a window and heard a banging noise from across the street.

The report shows the woman called dispatch back and told them it was an emergency and that her neighbor was attacked, and shots were fired.

Upon arrival, the woman pointed police in the direction of a shed near 108 East Third North Street where a white male was observed lying on the ground moaning. That man, later identified as Robert Wade Atkins, was in and out of consciousness while holding his stomach. Blood stains were also visible on his shirt.

Atkins told police he didn’t know what happened but believed he had been stabbed in the stomach. Police say his wounds appeared to be shallow and he was not losing a large amount of blood.

EMS arrived and transported Atkins to Trident Hospital for treatment.

According to the report, investigators were able to secure a weapon and identified the shooter as Mark Moser.

The woman who called 9-1-1 told police her neighbor’s son, Mark Moser, was outside with his flashlight and told her to call the police – which she did and reported a trespasser while Moser and her husband searched the area.

During that time, the woman stated she saw Moser go into his garage area behind his house and then heard four shots. She said he later showed up, doubled over while holding his arms by his head.

She said Moser told her someone attacked him by the garage and said the first shot fired was in warning, but the suspect would not stop.

Meanwhile, detectives stopped a man who said he was looking for his “best friend” on the street and identified that man as Robert Atkins. The man said they has been drinking at O’Laceys Bar. Because they had too much to drink, he stated Atkins decided to walk home. He advised him not to, but Atkins left anyways.

While searching for Adkins, the man told police he saw ambulances and police cars, so he stopped in fear that Adkins was hit by a car and that is when he made contact with detectives.

The man also told investigators that Adkins does not do drugs, is not known to commit crimes, and never made claims that he was going to leave the bar to commit any crimes that evening.

The incident remains under investigation.

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