CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- A man suspected of stealing multiple deliveries in the Wagener Terrace neighborhood was caught on camera.

Sara Turner, who lives on Rutledge Avenue, said that she got a notification that someone was at her front door in the early afternoon on Tuesday.

“I noticed that my Amazon package had been delivered and that I got another notification about 20 minutes later that someone else was on my front porch,” said Turner. “He had a white piece of paper in his hand with a list and immediately he grabbed the package off my porch.”

Courtesy of Sara Turner

Turner says that the man stole her neighbor’s mail as well.

“I was surprised because I never had any issues in my neighborhood before,” said Turner. “”My dog is the most upset. It was her dog food.”

There are common practices that neighbors can do to deter and package thefts.

Turner posted about the incident on Facebook to alert other neighbors. The Charleston Police Department is investigating after she filed a police report.

“I still feel safe. I think this stuff happens in a city and it’s to be expected sometime, but I hope it doesn’t happen again,” said Turner. “I think everyone is going to keep their eye out per usual. I don’t think I’ll do anything differently. I might update my delivery instructions to place (packages) somewhere else.”