A group of protesters fighting for a higher minimum wage was out in front of the Peace Center where the Republican Debate was being held Saturday night.

The group called their protest a strike.

Hundreds of “striking” fast food employees, joined other workers who claim they are underpaid in a march to make GOP candidates listen up.

They pushed forward stats along with their chants saying 53% of South Carolina workers are paid less than $15.

In addition to increased wages, they are also fighting for union rights.

“I’ve been doing home care for five years. I only make $9.50 an hour,” said Denisha Smith, “I don’t make enough to afford to take care of my family. It’s a struggle. I want 15 and a union and in order for the candidates who are running for presidential campaigns to get my vote, they would have to provide 15 and a union.”

Vickie Miller told us, “We are wanting to get the candidates, all the candidates, to see us, to hear us, and we want them to know that we vote. We have a voice.”

According to the protesters, the majority of them are African-American and in an election where the GOP is working hard for the minority vote, they say these candidates cannot afford to ignore them.