CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Charleston Police reported two people were found dead Saturday at a Public Storage facility on Ashley River Road in West Ashley. Police say the two victims died from apparent gunshot wounds.

While many in West Ashley may be shocked, one woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, was not.

“I was not necessarily surprised because I have had a storage unit at the Public Storage on Ashley River Road for several years now and in that time,” she said. “I have observed several concerning safety and security issues.”

She says the storage facility has very few safety measures in place to protect its customers, or their belongings.

“The air-controlled storage building is accessible to anyone,” she said. “The doors are retractable, they’re motion-activated and there are no security measures in place for entry into the building. There have been time that those retractable doors have been wide-open 24/7 because I was told that they were broken.”

She says years ago, she raised several safety concerns to Public Storage employees, but very little changes were made.

“My concerns were disregarded,” she said. “They asked me to call in to corporate, which I did, and there solution to the matter was simply fixing the retractable doors.”

With this latest tragedy, the long-time renter says Public Storage must address these safety concerns.

“Public Storage needs focus on improving their safety and security,” she said. “I don’t know what else can happen for that to change.”

She says she’s considering moving her belongings elsewhere.

“I’ve already been researching today other options,” she said.

Because she doesn’t feel safe.

“I’m shaking here talking to you about this because this could’ve been me,” she said. “It could’ve been my mother who accesses my unit at times. It could’ve been anyone.”

News 2 spoke with a Public Storage employee who said she was not able to comment on this matter at this time.