Rally for economic and criminal justice reform held in Charleston


CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD) – Many people gathered in Charleston this weekend at Hampton Park to fight for economic and criminal justice reform.

Hampton Park is the home of a statue dedicated to Denmark Vesey.

According to history, Vesey led a slave revolt in Charleston in 1822 and would later be found guilty and executed in 1822.

Some rally participants like Dan Dickison talked about the significance of holding the rally in the same location as the statue.

“We need more recognition for contributions of people of color throughout history in our community,” said Dickison about the importance of having representation for people of color in Charleston.

The rally started off with a round of speakers from different organizations like the Charleston Activist Network and Black Lives Matter. They covered topics such as the power of women during the Black Lives Matter Movement and the need for legislation to help protect prisoners during disasters such as the COVID-19 pandemic and hurricanes.

Pastor Thomas Dixon was in attendance and says he’s always finding a way to be around the fight for racial equality.

He shared the goals that he believes the African American community is fighting for.

To move our governing officials into a place where they do something substantive that’ll bring about change that will end the indiscriminate killing of black people through gun violence or overaggressive policing.”

Pastor Thomas Dixon

The rally was held on the 4th of July, which is a time in the nation’s history that celebrates independence.

However, there are some who believe that the holiday isn’t used correctly and, in fact, Dan Dickison believes that America still has steps to climb in order to truly have justice for all.

“Historically it’s a date we mark with kind of frivolous celebrations and I don’t think people give it the introspection that maybe we should. We’re a country that’s founded on the principle of in order to form a more perfect union, but what does that mean? A more perfect union ideally that means it’s a place where everybody is equal I think. Well we’re far from that.”  

Dan Dickison

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