WEST ASHLEY, S.C (WCBD) – Song, prayer, and hope filled Synagogue Emanu-El in West Ashley Wednesday night.

“You know, in times like this, people really need to be together,” said Brandon Fish, the Director of Community Relations for the Charleston Jewish Federation.

The gathering came on the heels of the deadly Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel over the weekend. More than 500 people came to show their support for Israel and to mourn those who were brutally murdered.

“I got a call that woke me up in the morning that was about these attacks taking place. And it was a holiday, so I was surprised to get a call,” Fish said. “And immediately your mind goes to ‘which of my family members are in Israel right now? Who may be visiting them?’”

Those questions have been asked by so many members of the Jewish Community in Charleston and around the United States.

“First, I started reaching out to all the different friends and family that are there. They all said, ‘I’m safe, but where it’s happening to us right now, usually it’s not the case, that it’s worse than what you see on the news,’” said Rebecca Engel. She is the Chief Development Officer for the Charleston Jewish Federation.

The Holy City is standing firm in its support for Israel.

Mayor John Tecklenburg and Charleston City Councilman Ross Appel were among the several local leaders who attended the rally. Appel said in the wake of the attacks, the Charleston Police Department checked in with every synagogue in the community.

On Tuesday, council adopted an emergency resolution condemning Hamas terrorism and in support of peace in Israel.

“In closing I just want to say this. I am proud to be Jewish. I stand with Israel and on this issue for sure, Charleston is united,” the Councilman Appel said to the crowd.

A “Charleston Stands with Israel” event is scheduled to take place outside of Charleston City Hall on Thursday at 5:30 pm. To donate to the “Charleston Stands with Israel Fund,” click here.