Report illegal dumping and help keep Dorchester County clean

Dorchester County News

DORCHESTER COUNTY, S.C. (WCBD) – The Dorchester County is asking residents and business owners to help crack down on littering and illegal dumping in Dorchester County.

Illegal Dumping is on the rise and Dorchester County is asking residents who see it occurring to report it. The anonymous online form is available by clicking here or by contacting the Solidwaste Environmental Services Department at (843) 563-0072.

Public Information Officer Tiffany Norton stated that information that is needed when reporting is a detailed description of the person and vehicle used, location of the dump site and a general list of items that are being illegally disposed of.

Penalties for illegal dumping can include fines up to $1,095, up to thirty days in jail and community service.

Bill Hearn, Chairman of the Dorchester County Public Safety, Health, and Human Services Committee of Council said “the County Litter Control Officers work tirelessly to reduce litter in Dorchester County. Litter is not only a health and environmental concern it also works against the County’s efforts to attract new industries and job opportunities to Dorchester County.”

Hearn added “We are asking residents and business owners to help Dorchester County continue moving in the right direction by reporting illegal dumping in unincorporated Dorchester County.”

The pictures above are of a vehicle in question that was seen near a dump site off of Highway 78, where a Jet Ski was left in the woods. Dorchester County is asking anyone with information on the vehicle to contact the litter control department.

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