Report: South Carolina is not turning out enough EMT’s


COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – A new study shows South Carolina isn’t turning out enough EMT workers to meet demand. That’s on top of a statewide shortage.

Research by the South Carolina EMS Association and the South Carolina Office of Healthcare Workforce found a 40-percent decline in people signing up and graduating from EMS training courses last year, compared to the year before.

It also found that while EMT’s say it’s rewarding, burn-out is an issue. More than 70-percent leave the profession within eight years.

“Your heart has definitely got to be there because it’s not for everybody.”

Trevor Owens, EMT and Firefighter

The EMS Association is launching a new initiative targeting high school seniors and advocates are also pushing for higher pay.

Right now, EMT’s in South Carolina earn about $33,500 a year.

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