Residents frustrated after sinkhole, flooding destroy part of Summerville neighborhood road


SUMMERVILLE, S.C. (WCBD)- A Summerville woman and her neighbors say that they’re sick of flooding problems in their community.

Residents of the Pine Hill Acres community want a large sinkhole on a road that leads directly to their houses fixed.

A portion of Pete Ewer Drive has become flood-prone during big storms. Tropical Storm Elsa caused the flooding to rip away half the road near their homes.

“I’m aggravated that no one will take responsibility for the road that was put here so they could build the three residences behind me,” said resident Joy Springfield.

The creek running in front of Springfield’s house doesn’t drain well because the pipes in the creek are damaged and can’t move water.

“Ideally if they could put a small bridge here and open the creek back up. They closed it off years ago and the drain pipes are not adequate for the rain water that comes in,” said Springfield. “So they need to open it back up and out something there that it’s safe to drive vehicles across.”

Dorchester County Public Works has patched up the hole for the meantime, but Springfield is still concerned about the next time it rains.

“If I’m back working on the house or if my neighbors are here then we’re all cut off. If we’re injured, they can’t bring EMS back here, they can’t bring firetrucks back here,” said Springfield.

Dorchester County Council Chairman Bill Hearn says the road is not in their maintenance system so more repairs can be done at the moment.

Hearn says that the county will have to accept the road for any more work to be done.

“For the roads that are not in the county system this has been on an as needed basis and obviously with this sinkhole it’s a current day problem,” said Hearn.

Dorchester County does not have a timeline for those decisions.

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