DHEC restores A grades for two restaurants with rodent issues

Restaurant Report Card

Charlie Brown Seafood and Wei Mei Asian Diner both corrected the rodent issues that caused the Department of Health and Environmental Control inspectors to drop their grades last week. Both North Charleston restaurants are back to an *A*.

This week, Purlieu on Fishburne Street in Downtown Charleston knocked to a *B* during a routine inspection on January 29.

According to the report a “priority violation” for proper cooling time and temperatures. Another “priority violation” for date marking on food.

Inspectors also flagged them for “using unpasteurized eggs in mayo”, and not posting an advisory for consumers.

The restaurant requested an early follow-up to correct the violations.

Thai Palm Restaurant on Centre Point Drive in North Charleston also busted to a *B* after a routine inspection.

The report says an employee put on gloves to cook after cleaning, without first washing their hands.

The inspector also noted a “consecutive violation” for problems with warewashing equipment. A “priority foundation violation” for not being able to provide test tape for chlorine in sanitizing solutions contributed to the downgrade.

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