Sarahah app warning from Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office


With kids going back to school, bullying can happen more and more often. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Department is warning parents to be on the lookout for an app. It’s a way some kids are being anonymously bullied online. 

Chief Deputy Michael Cochran with the Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office says the Sarahah app has the potential to be dangerous. “This particular one is like an anonymous chat platform where people can send photos and anonymous people that you can’t trace can comment on it.”

Imagine Facebook, but without being able to see who is posting comments to your page. That’s similar to what the Sarahah app is like. “And then you have some people out there that are just genuinely hateful people and they will reply and they can send really derogatory things that are just of no probative value whatsoever and they’ll be able to send it to them.”

Over 16,000 people have already seen the post the sheriff’s office put on Facebook, warning people about the app. “There’s really no functional value to it and I wanted parents to be aware of it because if you have a child with a developing psyche and he receives a whole ton of negative stuff and he may have low self-esteem and then someone barrages them with insults it really could go downward fast.”

Parents, be alert. There is also concern that suicide-related games could be encouraged by strangers communicating anonymously. “You think they’re in bed but they’re up at 11:30 worrying about what some anonymous person halfway around the world thinks.”

You can find additional information about this app at the link below.

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