MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – A Lowcountry lawmaker is in Buffalo, NY to speak with leaders after a deadly shooting killed 10 people at a grocery store in a largely black neighborhood.

Representative JA Moore described the shooting as painful and heartbreaking while saying news of the shooting brought back memories from the night Moore’s sister was killed by a white supremacist in the Mother Emanuel shooting.

Moore says it’s important now for the Charleston community to lend support and guidance to Buffalo.

Representative Moore was set to meet with Buffalo’s mayor Wednesday at 3 pm. Wednesday morning Moore spoke with a barber who was supposed to be at the grocery store at the time of the shooting but got held up because of a client coming in.

Moore says the pain and hurt can be felt in the community while walking around the area where the shooting occurred.

In addition to meeting with the city’s mayor, Moore will also speak at Grace United Church Wednesday night and is calling for gun reform and hate crime legislation to prevent similar crimes.

“We’ve got to do our part as a community in Charleston and across this country to be there for the people of Buffalo and healing is going to take years,” says Representative Moore. “It’s been 7 years since my sister was murdered and I’m nowhere near healed. I’m still broken and beaten and weary. But I’m not going to waste time, I’m going to continue to do the work.”

Moore says in the wake of the shooting, communities need to offer support and compassion to Buffalo.

“I feel so much pain,” says Representative Moore. “I can feel it in this community, I can feel it in the air, you can sense it, you can smell it and you can touch it. We just laid down ten palmetto roses that we got in Charleston last night. They know that we are in solidarity with them, back in Charleston we understand unfortunately too well.”

Representative Moore says he has partnered with local non-profits in the area. The group has raised roughly twenty-five thousand dollars to provide free meals to those impacted across the area.

Representative Moore spent time at the memorial site outside a community grocery store where flowers and more have been placed in tribute to the ten lives lost and their families.

“We have to fight back like we’ve never fought back before,” says Representative Moore. “Only in this country do we get terrorized the way we do by guns. There’s over four hundred million guns in this country. Thousands, hundreds of thousands of lives are impacted every year by gun violence. We must do something and we must do it now.”

Representative Moore says he plans to work with local, state, and federal leaders to address gun reform and hate crime prevention.