COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – South Carolina Lt. Gov. Henry McMaster says he is being considered for a job in the administration of President-elect Trump. He doesn’t know what specific position or positions he’s being considered for.

“I’m dedicated to Mr. Trump and what he wants to do for this country, and I’m going to help in some way and I hope many ways,” he says. “But it’s hard to find a better place to live and work than South Carolina, with the people we have here. I’m not fascinated with the idea of living in Washington at all.”

Does that mean he would definitely turn down a position if one is offered? “Too early to say that, but I tell you, I want to help him and I want to help his administration,” he says.

McMaster was the first elected official in the country to endorse Trump. Because of that and his campaign work on Trump’s behalf, McMaster was chosen to give a nominating speech for Trump at the Republican National Convention.

He says there are exciting things happening in South Carolina and he wants to continue working on improving the state. He ran for governor in 2010 and came in third in the Republican primary to Nikki Haley. Does his preference to stay in South Carolina mean he’ll run again for governor in 2018? “Well, I hope to be, but that’s a good ways off and there are a lot of things to be done between now and then,” he says.

He has served before in a president’s administration. President Reagan appointed him to be the U.S. Attorney for South Carolina in 1981.