SPARTANBURG COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) — The Spartanburg County Sheriff is apologizing after the wrong woman was arrested for a crime.

On Monday, deputies arrested Roberta Thompson, for vandalism and malicious injury to animals, the only issue is that Roberta didn’t commit those crimes.

After taking a report, a Spartanburg County deputy went into their database to see if a Roberta Thompson’s information was in the system. The deputy found two Roberta Thompson’s, but unfortunately chose the wrong one.

Thompson, who lives in Chesnee, was arrested on Monday, and she tried to tell deputies that she did not commit the crime, but because her personal information was on the warrant, they arrested her.

Thompson was booked and jailed for close to 3 hours before deputies realized they had arrested the wrong woman.

The record was cleared and Sheriff Chuck Wright called Thompson to apologize.