At an age when some senior citizens are happy to be able to still drive, Jane Gregorie is running marathons and road races. This 81 year old grandmother is not showing any signs of slowing down.

She runs near her farm in Yemasee but says she has trekked so many miles she can no longer keep track.

“I need a calculator. I can’t keep track of it in my head” said Gregorie

She says she was introduced to pounding the pavement years after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis.  She was 57 years old.

“I got a call from a friend of one of my children’s friends. She said ‘Mrs Jane you need to come and walk the Race for the Cure’ . So I showed up and I ran  and I left. And she called ne and asked ‘Why did you leave because you came in 2nd!?!’ ” said Gregorie

It seems running is in the family’s blood. Gregorie’s daughter is author and wellness expert Dr Ann Kulze.

“Mom really is the perfect iconic example that exercise is the fountain of youth.  She is 81 years old and she has 7 kids an she is a breast cancer survivor. Of everything you can do to stay healthy moving is at the top of the list” said Dr Ann

“What do doctors say to you? You know one of my doctors said why do you do that i looked at him and i said ‘what?!?’  I did got to heart doctor one time and he said ‘Man, you go run as much as you want. I took his advice” said Gregorie.

Just days away from her 19th Cooper River Bridge Run, Gregorie reluctantly celebrates her state records for the half marathon, 15k, 12k and the 10k.

“It’s just because i am so old i don’t have that much competition.” said Gregorie

But a quick check of the times and you know she is  a true road runner.

“The first year i did it i did it in 1 hour 12 minutes and last year i did it in an hour and 14.”

So if you want to catch her , you got to be fast. If you want stay with her, you got to be good. If you want to pass her it might not happen.

“I bet when you are running you are looking around and seeing people who are a lot younger than you. I do and it always makes me feel good” said Gregorie.