Shem Creek restaurants, Mount Pleasant leaders meet to discuss changes to noise ordinance


MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C. (WCBD) – A group of Shem Creek restaurants and town residents say changes need to be made to the Town of Mount Pleasant’s noise ordinance. A petition calling on town leaders to amend the ordinance has gained thousands of signatures.

The petition was started after Vickery’s was cited for loud music. Town leaders and restaurants met last Friday, just days later to discuss solutions.

Leaders and restaurants say finding the right noise level is a balancing act but say the goal is to make it more clear what’s too loud while providing a great experience for customers and maintaining relationships with those living nearby.

“They want to have some music out there but they don’t want to offend the neighbors and that was a big part of that,” says Town of Mount Pleasant Councilman Gary Santos. “I was very impressed with how concerned they were to make sure they didn’t offend the neighbors out there.”

Vickery’s, Shelter and Saltwater Cowboys say they’ve all received noise violations previously. A petition to amend the ordinance has gathered more than 3,000 signatures. Santos says it’s a balancing act to find the right solution.

“I want them to be able to coexist,” says Santos. “I want them to be able to balance it you know between the restaurants and the citizens. I want everybody to be able to enjoy the quality of life that we have.”

The main issue for the restaurants, they say there’s no clear answer on how loud is too loud. Santos says one solution could be implementing a decibel level.

“I think something that we could actually get that sound and lock that sound down into like a decibel meter,” says Santos. “I think that would benefit everybody and we would have a way not to be able to judge what is too loud and what isn’t.”

The decibel limit, will take judgment and guessing out of the equation setting a clearer boundary. Santos says it could be something used town-wide for construction noise, music and more.

“We didn’t talk about banning amplified music, the idea is if you have that decibel meter – any type of noise will be able to be tracked by with that meter,” says Santos.

It’s a search for a solution to set the boundary, keeping customers entertained and neighbors nearby happy.

“I think that’s going to benefit everybody because now that takes the guessing out of it,” says Santos. “We will know exactly whether or not it’s too loud.”

“We want the balance so that you can have some music but not like I said affect the neighborhood around there,” says Santos. “So hopefully they’ll come back and have some good ideas and we can move forward.”

A manager with Vickery’s says the group plans to meet with neighbors nearby to craft some solutions before meeting with town leaders for a second time.

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