MOUNT PLEASANT, S.C.- (WCBD)- Shem Creek is the top spot in Mount Pleasant to eat and play, but parking can be a hassle for restaurant staff and patrons amid the growth of the area.

Some businesses have reserved lots that do not require virtual payment, others have opted to reserve their lots for customers who get free parking if they dine inside.

Restaurants say that there is not enough space to go around and customers are not happy about it.

“I don’t mind putting money in a meter, but using my credit card and doing different things like that, I don’t do that,” said local resident John.

“Every day. Every single day our customers complain about the parking issues,” said Skipper Cress of Red’s Ice House.

Cress sees Shem Creek’s growth as a blessing and a curse because room to expand is running out.

“It’s going to be difficult because there’s not much more room for growth, especially with real estate being the premium that it is now it’s absolutely unbelievable,” said Cress.

Other restaurants are having trouble with parking too. The Shelter on Coleman Boulevard says their staff has to leave a half an hour early for work to find a parking space.

“Having the staff and the staff of other restaurants fight for parking around town makes it difficult for them because they have to leave early to find parking to be on time for their shift,” said Staci Loeffel of The Shelter.

Mount Pleasant Mayor Will Haynie says that the town is working on the problem. The Mount Pleasant Planning Commission will meet Wednesday night to talk about the parking issue.

“Some previous solutions have had sort of unpopular results. So what he have to do now is see if what is already here is in compliance and is the smartest use of the parking that is available,” said Mayor Haynie.

Once the commission has met, they’ll pass along a recommendation to the city council on how to handle Shem Creek’s future.