NORTH CHARLESTON, SC –As riots escalated in Baltimore Monday night, the talk in Charleston was on police brutality, after the fatal shooting of Walter Scott earlier this month.

A town hall meeting with state lawmakers and Congressman James Clyburn was already scheduled for tonight to address changes in the Lowcountry. But the conversation turned to Baltimore and the differences between our two cities

News 2 was at the packed town hall meeting where hundreds took part in a live broadcast that was streamed across the country.

The discussion was held at St. Peter’s AME Church in North Charleston.

State Senator Marlon Kimpson joined a panel of speakers, many of whom encouraged people to get out and vote, and to attend upcoming city council meetings to get their voices heard.

Senator Kimpson told News 2, “What we got to do is make sure this is not a 72 or 48 hour moment – and that this turns into a movement for change.”

International radio talk show host, Joe Madison, also known as “The Black Eagle,” held his SiriusXm radio show at the church and facilitated the discussion.

With over 300 people in attendance, many spoke about their desire for citizen’s review board with subpoena powers.

“We have an obligation as elected officials to listen to the people that electrons and one of the things that was a resounding echo is they want this mayor to meet with members of the community to discuss a citizens review board,” said Kimpson.

Other suggestions including having major Lowcountry players, like executives at Boeing, speak with the North Charleston mayor about the community’s desires.  Madison said if these executives talk, people listen.

But with an escalating situation in Baltimore, and tensions in Charleston as we await office Michael Slager’s trial, Congressman Clyburn said we’ll have to wait and see what happens next. “I believe that if this whole judicial process, as right now, it is succeeding – but if that process were to fail, who knows what would happen,” explained Clyburn.