CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCBD)- The West Ashley Revitalization Commission will hear six more ideas tonight for future projects for Plan West Ashley.

“I’m hoping that the commissioners are going to be very energized about it and very excited to participate,” said Eric Pohlman, the West Ashley Projects Coordinator for the City of Charleston.

Pohlman will be pitching the new plans which includes transportation, community design and economic development projects. If approved they will be starting in the next two years.

  • Keep West Ashley Beautiful
  • New signage and vegetation for entry points
  • Pedestrian and bicycle wayfinding
  • Incentives for West Ashley businesses
  • Integration with the Charleston Digital Corridor
  • Coordinating services with the City of Charleston Public Works, Charleston County Public Works and the
  • South Carolina Department of Transportation

Pohlman says that people will start to see the effects community design projects like Keep West Ashley Beautiful first.

“Helping to make sure refuse and debris is picked up off of the sides of the road and really bringing community pride into the aspect,” said Pohlman.

However, other projects will take longer to implement.

“Transportation projects do take a long time, but they have one of the biggest impacts in terms of showing public investment,” said Pohlman.

In the meantime, Pohlman says that other projects like the Glenn McConnell Parkway widening project and multiple drainage studies have been moving forward. The city is making sure new buildings help with the flooding issues as well.

“Any new construction that comes in doesn’t just not impact the area around it, but actually actively works to make it better,” said Pohlman.

Charleston City Councilmember Peter Shahid, who represents District 9, says that there have been nearly 75 projects implemented since the plans came out in 2016.

“I think what we have been able to do is redirect people’s vision of West Ashley. What I’ve been very happy with is that we’ve been refocusing West Ashley. We’ve been rebranding it,” said Councilmember Shahid.