Skyview Aerial Solutions donates drone the Berkeley County Squad


The Berkeley County Rescue Squad now has a new tool to help find missing people. An ariel drone will soon be flying around search scenes in Berkeley County. The drone was donated to the squad by Skyview Aerial Solutions.

When the F-16 plane crashed into a Cessna in Moncks Corner last year, Skyview Aerial Solutions brought a drone out at no charge, to help rescue officials. Berkeley County Rescue Squad Chief Bill Salisbury tells News 2, “When Skyview got on scene, they were able to put the drone up immediately and show us what we were looking at, and we could tell where the plane was, where the evidence was and very quickly we had an overall picture of the whole thing.”

Tom Fernandez is CEO of Skyview Aerial Solutions. “Well, that was a very sad event and we were very happy to show up when we were called by Bill Salisbury to provide our resources to help find the plane and recover lost loved ones from that accident.”

Fernandez says they are excited about being able to donate that same drone that helped during the plane crash to the Berkeley County Rescue Squad. “We actually got our start here in Moncks Corner, so we have always had a heartfelt connection to this community and also to the rescue squad.”

The drone package they are donating, including training for several people, would have cost the squad about $3,000.

Salisbury says this drone can be used for many other types of calls. One example is when boaters are missing on the lake. “We’ll be able to drive up with the boat and the drone, and rather than take a risk of going around the island and then hitting stumps, we can send the drone around the island and see if we see anybody.”

Berkeley County Sheriff Duane Lewis was also on hand because the rescue squad will work closely with the sheriff’s office if they need to use the drone as well. “It will enable us to see what the terrain is should there be an emergency that would require more assets. We’ll be able to see that in live time.”

Salisbury says this new tool could save lives. “I can think back through the years a number of times that this drone would’ve possibly saved a life that we were not able to save by looking for them.”

The Berkeley County Rescue Squad will be able to use the drone as soon as some squad members get trained on how to properly use it.

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