SPARTANBURG, S.C. (WSPA) – The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division and the Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office responded to an officer-involved shooting Wednesday afternoon in a Spartanburg neighborhood.

Terrance Gault, 55, died after a brief exchange of gunfire with police.

According to reports the Spartanburg Police Department and Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office were at a residence on Belmarc Drive near Hatcher Gardens around 11:57 a.m. to serve civil papers to Gault.

According to police, Gault came outside of the home and fired a handgun, then immediately ran back into the home, refusing to come out and continued to shoot at officers.

Officers retreated behind their police vehicles and returned fire.

After a brief pause, officers heard one additional shot, which came from the inside of the home.

There was no additional communication between Gault and the officers.

Officers were able to see inside the home and saw Gault on the floor suffering from a gunshot wound.

Officers entered the home and rendered aid to the shooter until Spartanburg EMS arrived.

The Spartanburg County Coroner’s Office said they responded to the scene around 2 p.m. Gault was pronounced dead at 1:14 p.m.

Gault’s neighbors said they were in shock after Wednesday’s events.

“I just got a phone call from one of my neighbors and I panicked,” said Terry English.

“We’ve had some events here and there, but nothing like this, so it makes me feel anxious,” said Jennifer Borders.

Neighbors were evacuated during the investigation.

“It’s just tragic, we’ve got cars and tape and everything around my house,” said English.

“I heard probably 6 or 7 shots go off and I ran inside and grabbed my daughter and just went to the back of the house,” said Borders. “We had been hiding there until they evacuated us out of our house.”

“Terrance was a good person, always trying to cook things,” said English, who said he and Gault were close, but his neighbor had seemed “off” recently.

“We used to sit on the porch a little bit, I don’t get to see him like I used to. I just used to say ‘Hey, how you doing,’ or whatever. For the last three or four months, it was just a little different,” he said.

He said Gault was known by everyone in their neighborhood and he will be missed.

“I just want the street to be clear and to go back to a safe environment. I pray for everyone who lost their lives, who didn’t lose their lives, the officers doing their jobs, I pray for Terrance,” English said.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED) was requested to investigate the shooting, a standard procedure due to officers discharging their weapons.

The involved officers have been placed on administrative leave with pay during the internal review.

No officers were injured.

The coroner’s office will perform a forensic exam on Thursday.