ANDERSON COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – The Anderson County Sheriff’s Office said that two people are behind bars after a missing man was found dead on the side of the road in Belton.

“We had a man go missing over the weekend. Sunday evening we had Phillip Hughey, he just here one minute, and gone the next,” said Shale Remien, Anderson County Sheriff’s Office. “We knew that there was more to it.”

Phillip Marshal Hughey was reported missing Sunday from the Williamston area but several eyewitnesses alluded to the fact there was more to the story. According to deputies, two people were arrested on Wednesday afternoon.

“Our road deputies came across a group of people who said that they witnessed a murder. It’s not something you hear everyday,” said Remien. “From there the investigation began to try and locate a body.”

Deputies said that a group of people told them that they believed Hughey was killed by two suspects along Woodtrail Drive.

Deputies have identified the suspects as Jared Tierce, 22, and Jacob Barber, 22.

According to arrest warrants, Tierce put a ratchet strap around the victim’s neck and applied force. Barber is accused of stabbing Hughey several times with a knife. Investigators said Tierce and Barber then worked together to dispose of the victim’s body. 

Upon further investigation, detectives located a stolen vehicle and charged Barber with receiving stolen goods.

“One of the suspects (Jacob Barber) had a stolen truck in his front yard. And so we brought him in on that charge originally. While he was in custody we were able to speak with him and interview him about it and he gave a gruesome account, very detailed account, of the homicide itself,” said Remien.

The search continued to locate Hughey’s body and the additional suspect, Jared Tierce. The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office and the Anderson County Fugitive Investigation Unit located Tierce and arrested him along Piedmont Golf Course Road in Greenville County on Tuesday.

“We had mixed information as far as where his body could be,” said Remien. “Every single piece of information we had to take seriously.”

Detectives were able to find Hughey’s body wrapped in a rug along Cox Lake Road Tuesday evening with several evident traumatic injuries.

“Nothing like this ever happens around here,” said Belton resident, Terry Boggs. “There’s never been a mystery like this in the area in my 60 years here.”

The investigation remains ongoing at this time. The sheriff’s office said more charges will likely be filed.

“You always hope and pray for the best when you hear about a missing persons case,” said Remien. “In this case, with those eye witness accounts, or with those people claiming that they had known about a homicide, that is when the red flags start going off and the detectives jump into high gear.”

An autopsy will be performed on Thursday morning.