MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WBTW) — A car dealership in Myrtle Beach was in for a surprise when they popped the hood of a Ford Focus and instead of an engine found an eight-foot boa constrictor.

The albino boa constrictor surprised workers at Beach Ford Lincoln Automotive Group when a technician noticed something sneaking out from under the car’s hood.

Russell Cavender, the owner of The Snake Chaser, who was called to get the snake, said that he had never found a snake of that size underneath the hood of a car.

“We get a lot of boa constrictors — normal ones. A lot of ball pythons that people abandon and give away, but not one of these guys,” Cavender said.

According to the dealership’s service manager, Lynette Crow, the snake was hiding out in a Ford Focus. The car was left inside the shop overnight and the snake was found by technician, Tony Gallio, in the morning.

Cavender said he was in Little River on his way to North Carolina when he got a call about the massive snake. He rushed back to Myrtle Beach and found the very rare 20-pound snake wrapped up near the engine.

“Took a little bit to get him out because they’re all muscle, you know, so they had to remove a few pieces so we could actually physically get him out,” he said.

Cavender said it was probably one of his most unique calls. He said albino boa constrictors are native to South America, and he thinks it most likely was trying to find a warm or cool dark place to rest.

After looking at its condition and health, Cavender said he thinks it was a pet but might’ve been on its own for a while.

“He wasn’t properly taken care of,” he said. “He’s real skinny, dehydrated, you know. So, I’m thinking that most likely, someone just couldn’t take care of it.”

Cavender said this is unfortunately something he sees a lot with these types of snakes.

“The problem is, they get big, and people don’t expect how big they get,” he said. “And they will bite. Boa constrictors are not trustworthy.”

Cavender said he plans to take care of the snake for a few days until an owner hopefully reaches out. If they do, he’ll ask them to identify things about the snake to make sure it goes to the actual owner.

If not, he said he’ll leave it with people who can take care of it and possibly breed it.