COLUMBIA, S.C. (WCBD) – Alex Murdaugh has been convicted of two “internal disciplinary” charges including abuse of privileges and unauthorized use of an inmate’s PIN number while booked at a South Carolina prison.

A disciplinary hearing was held Monday where Murdaugh lost his telephone and canteen privileges for 30 days, according to the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC).

Chrysti Shain, a spokesperson for SCDC, said the charges stem from Murdaugh providing information to be delivered to the news media for an interview and using a fellow inmate’s PIN number to make a telephone call, which violated department policy. They are not a violation of law.

Murdaugh provided the interview information to his attorney through a legal call, according to Shain. She said legal calls are not recorded or monitored on the inmate phone system per attorney/client privilege.

His attorney, Jim Griffin, recorded Murdaugh reading the information and provided it to the media.

“When information reached the department on Aug. 8 about the interview, Murdaugh’s tablet and phone privileges were immediately revoked, pending a review of the incidents. After his phone privileges were revoked, Murdaugh used a fellow inmate’s PIN number to make a telephone call, which is prohibited by our policy OP-22.14,” Shain said in a news release.

SCDC sent a letter to Murdaugh’s attorneys explaining that their conduct is prohibited by policy and warned them of consequences.