COLUMBIA, S.C. (WSPA) – A panel of state lawmakers in charge of crafting abortion legislation following the overturn of Roe v. Wade will be meeting for the first time Thursday.

They’ll be listening to testimony from the public starting at noon. The House ad-hoc committee, made up of 8 Republicans and 4 Democrats, has been tasked with ‘reexamining’ the state’s legislation on abortion.

A few weeks ago, the state’s six-week abortion ban with some exceptions, also called the Fetal Heartbeat Act, took effect.

The ad-hoc committee will work over the next couple of weeks on putting together legislation after listening to testimony.

Anti-abortion advocates said they would like to see more abortion restrictions in South Carolina. Palmetto Family Council President and Executive Director Dave Wilson said, “What we’re hoping for is that legislation will come out of this process and make it recognizable within the culture of South Carolina that the taking of human life through abortion is wrong.”

Abortion rights advocates would like to see abortion restrictions repealed. Melissa Moore is the Director of Organizing for the Women’s Rights and Empowerment Network (WREN). They said, “The people are not backing down. Abortion should be legal, available, and affordable wherever you live. We won’t stop until that’s recognized.”

Moore said WREN and other partner organizations will be at Thursday’s hearing. They also have a rally planned that afternoon at the State House.

“We’re going to demand the Ad Hoc committee members repeal the six-week ban and do everything in their power to protect abortion access in South Carolina,” Moore said.

Wilson said Palmetto Family is in full support of efforts by state leaders ‘to protect and stand for life’.

Thursday’s hearing will be live-streamed on the State House website.

Under the sine die resolution approved by lawmakers in May, they have until November 13th to work on abortion legislation this year.