BEAUFORT COUNTY, S.C. (WSAV) – The Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office has recused itself from the accident investigation connected to Mallory Beach’s death.

The 19-year-old was killed when she was thrown from a boat on archers creek back on February 24.

The sheriff’s office tells News 3 that due to the “longstanding relationship” with Randolph Murdaugh they feel it’s the right thing to do for both sides to step away from the investigation.  Randolph Murdaugh was recently one of seven people named in a civil lawsuit by defendant Renee Beach, Mallory Beach’s mother. 

Randolph Murdaugh is a former longtime Hampton County solicitor. He is the grandfather of Paul Murdaugh, one of the six people on the boat the night it crashed.

Robert Alexander Murdaugh, Jr. was also named in the suit. He is accused in the civil suit of giving his identification to his underage brother to use to buy alcohol illegally at the Parker’s in Ridgeland and Luther’s restaurant in Beaufort.

All six underage teens were deemed to be “grossly intoxicated” by a Port Royal Police officer on scene that night.

No breathalyzer tests were administered on scene by DNR or Port Royal Police.

SC Department of Natural Resources is still investigating this case.

SLED is now assisting SCDNR with the investigation into where the boaters purchased or consumed alcohol that night.