GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – In a statement, Blue Ridge High School Principal Reena Watson said she will not be the principal at the high school next year.

Greenville County School said they appreciate Watson’s dedication to the Blue Ridge community and wish her all the best in her next steps.

Watson said, “to date, I have not officially resigned or retired from Greenville County Schools.

Her response is to our previous story about her stepping down amid a petition requesting her removal from her position at the high school.

Greenville County School District said, “Regarding the online petition, Greenville County Schools does not make decisions regarding employment for a principal or any other employee based on unsubstantiated statements made in an online forum. “

The petition started on March 17th of this year. It states, “she continues as she has over the years to let children run rampant and more and more assaults continue to happen under her authority.”

Watson said in her statement, “never, never have students run rampant under my Principalship.

The petition was started the same day a 14-year-old student at Blue Ridge High School was arrested. The Greenville County Sheriff’s Office said she hit another student in the back of the head with a chair.

Watson’s full statement is below:

I will not be the Principal at Blue Ridge High School next year; however, I did not announce my resignation to my faculty last week.  To date, I have not officially resigned or retired from Greenville County Schools.  The online petition was not started by a student, but by an adult, [he] does not have a current student at Blue Ridge High School.  Never, never have students run rampant under my Principalship. 

The very unfortunate event that occurred on the campus of BRHS was handled appropriately by the school administration and district policy was followed.  Sadly, the things happening in schools today are not unique to Blue Ridge High School but are happening all over the district, state and nation.

For 20 years (including my 4 years as an Assistant Principal at Blue Ridge High School), I have put my heart and soul into leading Blue Ridge High School.  I have dedicated my life and career to this school; I truly love my students—the “Fighting Tigers.”  With 20 years of experience at the school, I have had opportunities to interact with over 20,000 students and at least 40,000 parents.  The over 700 signatures on an online petition look very small when you look at that impact.  Also, to date, I have not read the comments being written about me.  Many have been shared with me.  It is very disheartening to know that people are emboldened to sit behind a keyboard and write half-truths, false statements, and to make such cruel and disrespectful comments.

I proudly leave Blue Ridge High School knowing I represented my school to the best of my ability and made decisions that were always in the best interest of my school, even if the decision was not popular.

Reena Watson, Principal at Blue Ridge High School