Chilling 911 calls detail night 5 year old was shot in Rock Hill drive-by

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- Chilling 911 calls FOX 46 obtained Wednesday paint a clearer picture of what happened the night a five-year-old was shot at a Rock Hill home.

It happened back in August, but tonight, we’re hearing the frantic calls from the moments after a gunman unloaded on the home.

CALLER: I need a police officer at 1744 King Drive. They shooting at my house!

DISPATCHER: Did it hit the house?

CALLER: Yes, sir. Yes. Yes, yes. Shot through the windows.

DISPATCHER: Are the actively shooting, ma’am?

CALLER: Yes, yes. They actively shooting at my house, like right now as we speaking.

DISPATCHER: Alright, ma’am, I got them coming, OK?

The five year old was hit with shrapnel and is ok, but judging by the 911 calls, they’re lucky it wasn’t worse.

The next morning, you could see a bullet hole through the window. Neighbors who heard the gunfire told FOX 46 the suspect fired until he was all out.

“However many he had in the clip,” one neighbor said.

“My mother is at the house and just called me and told me to call 911. They shooting at the house,” another told us.

FOX 46 stopped by the house Wednesday night, but it appears no one was home.

Police say the case has been “admin closed” meaning they’ve exhausted all leads and have hit a dead end in the investigation, but they say if someone does have information that’ll get the bloodhounds sniffing, they’re all for it.


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