CLEMSON, S.C. (WSPA) — The Clemson Police Department is looking to crack down on underage drinking and fake IDs in the city.

“Not only are we experiencing it, but Charleston and Columbia are all having issues with fake IDs and fake IDs getting a lot better, better and better,” Campos said.

At Monday’s city council meeting, Chief Jorge Campos proposed that city council invest $42,000 in a one-year pilot program of Intellicheck, an app used to scan IDs.

“All of the drivers licenses across the United States have a scan code or scan bar on the back,” Campos explained. “Each state has security measures that are embedded in that scan code that counterfeiters do not know. They’re not publicly known. What this app does is it looks for those security measures within that scan bar. If they’re not in there, it flags it.”

If the funding is approved, Campos said the technology will be distributed to 15 local businesses, which will use it to scan IDs.

“Partnering with the establishments that sell the alcohol, helping them in detecting these fake IDs, and stopping some of these sales form occurring is what I’m proposing,” Campos said.

Some downtown Clemson bar owners were present at Monday’s meeting.

“If we can get any help from the state or just anything like that, I think a lot of us are willing to do it,” one owner said.

City Council did not decide if they will move forward with the proposal. Campos said he will consult with Clemson University and state agencies to help provide funding for the program.