GREENVILLE COUNTY, S.C. (WSPA) – Medical bills and wedding bells! One Upstate couple is celebrating an engagement after a colonoscopy.

A Greenville County man planned to propose to his girlfriend at the beach. However, he said, “That’s what everyone does. I wanted it to be funny, so would have a story we could tell our children and grandchildren one day.”

So he got to thinking… “Why not do it during my colonoscopy?”

He called Greenville’s Gastroenterology Associates and talked to Dr. Naas about his plan and got him on board.

He went into the office before the procedure and rehearsed with Dr. Naas. They had a plan to put the ring in a biopsy jar.

Following the colon screening, Dr. Naas walked into the room and said to the man, “We found something you need to see.”

He looked at his girlfriend and told her to come look. She questioned what was in the jar. That’s when from his bed, he popped the question “Will you marry me?”

She said “Yes!”

After he confirmed her yes, she said her initial thought was what did he have up there?

The Greenville County couple is happily engaged and working to pick out a wedding date.