NEW ORLEANS (WCBD) – New details were released this week about the death of a New Orleans college student from South Carolina.

Bamberg native Ciaya Whetstone, 21, died after she was dropped off by an Uber at a New Orleans hospital on February 19 after she had been celebrating at a Mardi Gras party.

According to News 2 sister station WGNO, Whetstone reportedly left the party, via Uber, to take care of her dog around 1:30 a.m.

Later that morning around 6:30, the same Uber driver who picked her up had dropped her off at the New Orleans East Hospital where she was pronounced dead shortly after.

The details of how Whetstone died remain a mystery.

The Orleans Parish Coroner’s Office on Wednesday said Whetstone died from Fentanyl and Ethanol Intoxication. Her death was ruled an accident.

No other details were provided. Whetstone was a senior at the University of New Orleans.

A legal team for the family of Ciaya Whetstone, including Justin Bamberg, L. Chris Stewart, Brandon DeCuir and Michael Adams, released a statement that reads:

“The family of Ciaya Whetstone is saddened by the information contained in the coroner’s report regarding her cause of death and distraught that their daughter may have been the victim of a spiked substance which is becoming all too common. 

This coroner’s report simply confirmed what we already suspected: she died of an overdose and her Uber driver failed to take appropriate action. 

We are waiting for law enforcement and Uber to offer additional details that will provide this family with the real information they need.

They want to know what the Uber driver did as he witnessed a passenger dying, and why he never called 911 as he witnessed a medical emergency. Uber still has not released any information to the family, so we are forced to file our lawsuit. ”