Dept. of Corrections unveils new plan to keep contraband out of SC prisons

South Carolina News

COLUMBIA, SC (WCBD) – A bi-partisan group of lawmakers met with the Director of the Department of Corrections this week to talk about how to keep contraband out of South Carolina prisons.

Cell phones are the biggest issue, and have been linked to a deadly riot and an assassination attempt. 

The Department of Corrections is using a multi-pronged approach to keep them out of prisons which includes using nets to prevent phones from being thrown over fences.

But now the department will also be using cell towers to filter illegal calls. 

“(At) Lee Correctional we have a managed access system which allows approved phone calls to go through and disallows illegal phone calls from going through or text messages,” said DOC Director Bryan Stirling. “They’re going in this week to look at that and kind of look at best practices.”

The program will start testing Wednesday. The department then has until December to determine if it should expand the program to other prisons. 

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